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Note on Basic Knowledge of Filament Spunbonded Needle-punched Geotextile

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According to the introduction by relevant professionals, we can know that the filament spunbonded needle-punched geotextile is manufactured with polyester filament by the process of network forming and solidification, and the orientation of fibrils is in the 3-dimensional structure. Apart from good mechanical property, it also has vertically and horizontally good drainage performance, stretch property, penetrating quality, filtering quality, higher acid-base resistant property, anti-ageing property and other good chemical properties.
With respect to production of the product filament spunbonded needle-punched geotextile, its good application effect shall be contributed to various characteristics in it and its high strength; it also has good creep property; the geotextile has strong resistance to corrosion, which also has strong ability to resist ageing and heat; it also has good hydraulic performance. For now, filament spunbonded needle-punched geotextile can be widely used in reinforcement, reversed filtering isolation and drainage in those engineering such as roads, railways, dams, coastal mud flat and so on, particularly for saline-alkaline marsh and refuse landfill. And it is also characterized by various function in reversed filtering, reinforcement, isolation and so forth and has been well-received by customers.

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