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Strength of Sodium GCL for Being Widely Used in Ground Construction

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As is well-known, with the wide use of sodium GCL in every aspect, its functions also are improved and the strength in the product gradually stands out, in order to help everyone to have a better use of sodium GCL in the future and maximize function of the product, and the editor has summarized relevant characteristics of the product for you all, don’t miss this.
Actually, everyone should be familiar that the sodium GCL has all properties of geomaterials and also has excellent waterproofness (impermeability). Further, its main bentonite is the natural inorganic mineral without ageing and corrosion and damage to environment, and the process is a kind of physical reaction process characterized by the function of permanent waterproofness and long service life. In addition, the unique performance of sodium GCL which is expansion with water to form slurry body which can be used to repair minor cracks on the concrete caused due to various reasons and it has the function of self-healing and repairing.

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