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Summarize Outstanding Properties in Filament Spunbonded Needle-punched Geotextile in A Professional Way

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We are familiar with production of every product, and the fact that we can get further development and application because there are various outstanding properties in itself, so is the filament spunbonded needle-punched geotextile to be described next, and now take a look!
1. Good air permeability and water permeability of geotextile to allow water through can effectively hold back sand erosion. Its high water permeability still makes it remain good water permeability under the pressure of soil and water.
2. Filament spunbonded needle-punched geotextile has good water conductivity and it enables to form drainage channel inside the soil body to discharge extra liquid and gas out of the soil body structure.
3. Use geotextile to enhance the tension strength and non-deformability of the soil body and strengthen the stability of the building structure so as to improve quality of soil body.
4. Take effective measures to disperse, transmit or resolve concentrated stress to prevent soil body from being damaged by exogenic action.
5. Use filament spunbonded needle-punched geotextile to prevent gravel of upper and lower level, soil body and concrete from mixing.

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