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Haoyang Company Participated in “8th China International Geosynthetics and Equipment Exhibition”

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To expand brand influence of Haoyang and strengthen technical exchange and cooperation of the same industry, Haoyang Company positively participated in the “8th China International Geosynthetics and Equipment Exhibition” held in Shanghai Expo Pavilion from April 24 to 26, relying on the influence and radial force of the national exhibition to accelerate to promote the environmental development strategy of Haoyang by” making the earth cleaner and human healthier”.
During the exhibition, General Manager Du Xianjun, Vice General Manager Sun Panhu and another 10 colleagues attended the exhibition, and the company leadership visited on site the products of peer enterprises in the exhibition area and talked over and communicated with their leaders. The company’s exhibition room is in the exhibition area for geosynthetics at the main aisle on the second floor of the exhibition center, surrounded by Hongxiang, Dongfang and other larger participant enterprises. The exhibition room is simple in design that can be divided into four exhibition areas for enterprise qualification and honors, product sample, construction service and reception and negotiation, which enjoys a good reputation from a number of foreign and domestic customers. Customers can be impressed by multi-media presentation, product brochure display, professional’s explanation and other ways in the exhibition area to further vividly and deeply get to know company image, management philosophy and service information of Haoyang.

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