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Tian Kun Won Title of “Model Worker of Yucheng”

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In the morning of April 30, a ceremony was held in celebration of “May Day” and to honor model workers by the city and Tian Kun, shift leader of filament workshop of the company, was honored as “Model Worker of Yucheng”. The company highly valued the selection and recommendation of the “Model Worker of Yucheng” and was positive to take part in and carefully organized to successfully complete the mission to participate in the evaluation.
Tian Kun’s honor as “Model Worker of Yucheng” is the honor for the company and also an intangible wealth of Haoyang Company. From him, people can obviously see that Haoyang employees remain to keep the company’s social responsibility in mind when they pay attention to product quality, safety and output as confronted with increasingly fierce market competition and they fully carry forward the awareness of responsibility as the master of the enterprise.
By participating in the ceremony of evaluation, it fully shows that Haoyang Company is positive to carry forward the enterprise spirit of “honesty, integrity, innovation and dedication”, reveals employee’s spirituality to be enthusiastic and determined to forge ahead, increases enterprise’s brand value and further motivates all staff’s enthusiasm to learn from the advanced, make contributions on their post and be down-to-earth to carve out.

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