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Bai Jianying, Secretary-general of Chinese Technical Association on Geosynthetics, and the Party Visited Haoyang Company

Number of visits: Date:2015-01-19 14:50:19

Bai Jianying, Secretary-general of Chinese Technical Association on Geosynthetics, Chi Jingkui, Advisor of Chinese Technical Association on Geosynthetics and Vice President of China Committee of International Geosynthetics Association, and Jin Xiangyu, Researcher majoring in Nonwoven Material and Engineering from College of Textiles of Donghua University paid a visit to Haoyang Company for investigation on June 16 accompanied by President Zhao Kuili, Vice President An Guilin and Deputy Production Director Sun Panhu.
Experts of research panel paid a field visit to the production sites for filament geotextile, spun geotextile and geomembrane, GCL, one-way and two-way geogrid and so on, product laboratory and product showroom. In the process, experts carefully asked about the situation of product classification and usage of equipments at present and gave full affirmation to the company for field control and product quality.
After the visit, experts and company leadership held a symposium on how to accelerate industrial upgrading and promote industrial development. At the symposium, President Zhao delivered an introduction to the experts of the company’s basic information, development strategy, technology research and development, product application and so on, and he expressed that the company would increase technology investment, establish “technology research and development center”, accelerate product technology upgrading and lead an “accurate, top and unique” way to aggressively build the ace-high word of mouth brand in Chinese geosynthetics industry.
Experts of research panel highly praised the company for its normative management, complete product category and clear development strategy, fully supported Haoyang to lead the road of industrial upgrading by taking production and research cooperation as the platform to improve the capability of independent innovation, suggested Haoyang Company to strengthen product testing, increase industrial technology input and establish “Chinese Geomaterials Research and Development Center”, and encouraged Haoyang to build the brand of the industry and be down-to-earth to make the enterprise bigger and stronger to make more contributions to industrial development.

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