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Woven Geotextile



  • Product introduction: manufactured by woven process with PP/PE as the main raw materials.
    Product specification: 90h/m2~400g/m2 in weight and 4~6m in breadth.
    Product feature: light in weight, high in strength, low in elongation, good in integrity and convenient for construction; has functions in consolidation, isolation, drainage, filtering and blocking.
    Scope of application:
    1) hydraulic engineering:
    1.Engineering of conformity such as seawall, embankment, river wall and lake embankment;
    2.Bottom protection engineering and diversion irrigation engineering;
    3.reservoir seepage prevention and reinforcement engineering;
    4.reclamation projec;
    5.flood control engineering.
    2)Highway engineering:
    1.reinforcement treatment of soft foundation;
    2.slope protection;
    3.structure layer of anti-reflective seam on the pavement;
    4.drainage system; 5. greenbelt.
    3)Railway engineering:
    1.consolidation engineering of railway subgrade;
    2.bank slope reinforcement;
    3.water-proof and drainage layer of tunnel lining;
    4.geotextile French drain .
    4)Airport engineering:
    1.runway foundation reinforcement;
    2.landing field foundation and pavement structure layer;
    3.airport road and drainage system;
    5)Power plant engineering:
    1.foundation works of nuclear power plant;
    2.ash dam engineering of thermal power plant;
    3.hydropower plant.
    Executive standards: GB/T17690-1999 Geosynthetics Plastic Tape-Yarn Woven Geotextile
    JT/T 514-2004 Geosynthetics for Highway Engineering Spunbonded Geotextile