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  • Added time: 2016-09-28
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Detailed Introduction of Singeing Geotextile:
Singeing geotextile includes non-woven geotextile base set with a sinter layer. This product not only can clot the surface of non-woven geotextile, but also keep its original performance.
Polyester filament needle-punched gray (black) matte (singeing) geotextile series are a new generation of padded protective geotextile specially designed and developed for skid resistance of slope of waste sanitary landfill site according to standards of current Domestic Waste Sanitary Landfill Technical Specifications CJJ17-2004. Matte (singeing) geotextile is gray (black) through special processing, so it can effectively prevent ultraviolet damage to the chemical fiber and enhance the aging resistance of geotextile; single (double) surface of geotextile shall be roughed to integrate with rough surface of HDPE membrane to increase the friction force between the cloth membrane in order to have a good effect.
The thickness of products is suitable to combine with bituminous pavement and tack coat to form isolated layer with waterproofing and thermal insulation effect.
Light quality, high strength. Strength of extension is greater than or equal to 8 KN/m and ductility is from 40% to 60%, which can completely satisfy technical requirements of JTJ/T019-98 Highway Geosynthetics Stress Technical Specifications to geotextile.
Surface is rough and is difficult to move. When paving, rough surface shall be upturned after special treatment to increase friction coefficient and binding force of surface course to prevent being rolled up and destroyed by carriage wheel during construction. In the meantime, it can also prevent vehicles and paver slipping on the cloth.
It also has capabilities like UV protection, resistance to cold, resistance to chemical corrosion and biological destruction.
It is easy to construct and application effect is good. Cellosilk of general geotextile is easy to be brought up by vehicle wheel to cause hanging silk. If the case is serious, cellosilk may be rolled up by to result in displacement and structural damage of geotextile.
It is widely used in the reinforcement of bituminous pavement, cement concrete pavement and roadbed. Rigid pavement and flexible pavement are both suitable. Compared with traditional pavement, construction cost can be reduced and used for a long time.

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