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Characteristics of geotextile bag: 1. high strength and strong frost-resistance (can withstand -40 degree temperature), can prefabricate into all kinds of geometrical shapes with different sizes and thicknesses according to requirements of engineering; 2. during construction, one-time spray irrigation formation will be adopted so that construction is convenient and fast. 3. it is suitable for all kinds of complex terrains, especially like retaining wall and protection bottom in deepwater, cofferdam is unnecessary and underwater construction can be directly started because its mechanization level is high; it can protect slope with large area; it has strong integrality and good stability so that its service life is long; 4. geotextile bag has certain water permeability, so that extra moisture can be seeped through fabric clearance after infusing concrete or cement mortar to quickly lower water cement ratio and accelerate solidification speed of concrete so as to increase compressive strength of concrete.
Range of application: geotextile bag is widely used in slope protection, flood control, emergency, treatment of channels and waste, port construction in fields like water conservancy, transportation, building, energy and war industry and slope protection of rivers, sea and lakes; scour prevention of reservoir and dyke, afforestation and reinforcement of mountain slope and other engineering.

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