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  • product name: Spun Geotextile
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  • Added time: 2016-09-21
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Use good air permeability and water permeability in the geotextile to let water pass through so as to effectively hold back gravel and soil loss;
Geotextile has good water conductivity and it enable to form drainage channel inside the soil body to discharge extra liquid and gas in the soil body structure;
Use the geotextile to increase tensile strength and non-deformability of the soil body and strengthen stability of the building structure to improve quality of the soil body;
It can effectively dispense, transmit or resolve the concentrated stress to prevent the soil body from damage by exogenic action;
It can be used to prevent gravel of upper and lower level, soil body and concrete from mixing;
Due to the adaptability and moveability of the net structure formed from formless fiber texture, so the hold is not easily jammed;
It has high water permeability and can still remain good water permeability under the pressure of soil and water;
Use polypropylene or dacron or other chemical fibers as the raw material which makes it acid-base resistant, corrosion resistant, anti-insect and antioxidative;
Easy to operate and easy to use with light weight.

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